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Spotify coming to Virgin Media TV: Create and share playlists from your TV set

Virgin Media has just announced an agreement that will see Spotify Unlimited and Premium subscriptions bundled into its fibre-optic broadband and TV packages.

This will see the cost of Spotify subscriptions, charged at £4.99 and £9.99 a month respectively, incorporated into Virgin Media broadband bundles.

The deal will see Virgin Media subscribers able to access Spotify through their TV sets through an app, in a similar manner to how you can access the BBC iPlayer though its own dedicated channel. The service will be powered by TiVo, who make the latest generation of set top boxes for Virgin Media’s TV service.

As with the desktop Spotify app, you’ll be able to create playlists on your TV and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The pricing structure for these bundles has not yet been announced, nor has a release date, other than a rough ‘launching in the coming months’ ETA.

Virgin Media broadband and TV packages start at £10 a month (including £13.90 for line rental), rising to £20 a month after a 6 month introductory period. We’re guessing that the bundle deals, at the very most, will work out at the current going rate plus either £4.99 or £9.99 a month, whichever of the two Spotify packages you choose.

We understand that existing Spotify subscribers already paying would be able to integrate their current subscriptions (and keep their playlists) with a new bundle deal; we’ll hear more about this in the coming months and are chasing up for details.


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