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Spotify for Apple iPad launches

As music streaming services go, Spotify probably snaps the top spot not only in popularity, but availability. Alongside the desktop client, the service is available in app form on a multitude of mobile devices and OSs including Symbian and Windows Phone and with the company’s latest push, we’ve seen updates and new features bolster the versatility available to users too.

Earlier today, Spotify started spreading the word, their iPad app was finally ready for release and about time too. They may not have been the first to market, but they’re assuring users that the wait has been worth it.

Spotify for iPad

Previously the iPad had to limp along with a scaled up version of the iPhone app and as usable as it might have been, it didn’t exactly make the most of all that extra screen real-estate. The new dedicated app puts right many of the shortcomings of the iPhone solution, namely the inclusion of Retina display support, so Spotify on the iPad looks super sharp and crystal clear.

As with the update to their Android app, there’s high definition cover art, easier access to playlists and user profiles and a greater focus on finding new content, with the ‘What’s New” section offering up the top five trending playlists, alongside top tracks and recommendations.

If you’re a Spotify Premium user and you happen to have an iPad knocking around, what are you waiting for? It’s available as a free download now.


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