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Sprinkle for Tegra Android devices arrives in Market, Kal-El quad-core version in the pipeline

While we won’t be seeing Nvidia’s Kal-El quad-core chip for a little while yet, developer Mediocre has been busy anticipating the curve and has served up Sprinkle, a game that’ll take advantage of quad-core devices in the months to come.

Coming on a like a cross between Angry Birds and the SNES classic The Firemen, Sprinkle sees you solving various physics-based puzzles as you attempt to put out fires with a giant water cannon.

We’ve had a quick play around with it on our Tab 10.1 and it’s fantastic. Available to download on Tegra 2 Android devices now, we understand that an enhanced version for multi-core devices is in the pipeline.

As well as putting out fire, you’ll need to use the cannon to blast blocks into position, turn cogs and windmills in order to activate traps and the like. There’s only have a finite amount of water to use in each level, so you’ll have to, ah, time your squirts carefully.

You’re awarded in ‘droplets’ a la the three stars of Angry Birds, Cut The Rope et al, with the number of droplets you get based on how much water is in the tank at the end of the level.

The animation of the water as its sprayed from the nozzle looks really amazing; water or rather moving water is hard to convincingly depict in games but Mediocre has managed to pull it off here.

We love the simple premise, the cute cartoony nature of the visuals and the cheery soundtrack; Sprinkle scores top marks on every level. This is a great example of how gaming can be done on Honeycomb and looks set to hit to the top of the download charts in the following weeks.

For a better idea of how Sprinkle works, have a look at the video below, which has a touch of Pixar-esque magic to it.

Sprinkle is downloadable from the Android Market now for the equivalent of £1.21.


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