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T-Mobile and Orange 3G signal sharing project complete

Everything Everywhere has confirmed the T-Mobile and Orange signal sharing project is now complete.  Now customers on either network will be able to share 3G signal as part of Smart Signal Sharing.

Work on the big switch began in October 2010 with 2G signal sharing, then in October 2011 3G sharing was introduced, shortly followed by the introduction of HSPA+ or 3.5G. Now signal sharing has passed the “final stage” and has been rolled out to all Orange and T-Mobile customers.

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Smart Signal Sharing works across smartphones, tablets and 3G dongles. As soon as a 3G signal drops to a point at which you connectivity is impacted, the device will automatically switch to an available signal on the other respective network. If however there is no 3G signal available on either T-Mobile or Orange, devices will switch to 2G, but as soon as a 3G signal is available on either network it’ll switch, even if the customer is currently in the middle of downloading a page.

In a bid to avoid customer confusion, Everything Everywhere has said that customer charges will remain the same regardless of how much time spent using another networks signal.

Everthing Everwhere is also “ready and able” to begin roll out of 4G networks on a small scale towards the end of the year, subject to Ofcom approval.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of Everything Everywhere, said: “Smart Signal Sharing marks the completion of the Orange and T-Mobile signal integration project, which provides our 27.5million customers with the widest 2G and 3G coverage available in Britain today. The launch is yet another proofpoint to our commitment to provide our customers with the best network in the UK – now and in the future.


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