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T-Mobile announces new £10 top up bonus: Unlimited texts, 100 free UK minutes or 60 free International minutes

Today’s the day for network deal announcements it seems. Along with Virgin Mobile’s six month data deal, T-Mobile has unveiled a new pricing plan for it’s pay-as-you-go customers.

From today the 1st of June onwards, topping up a tenner or more a month will see you able to qualify for one of three deals which you can use in the following month.

The Text Plan will net you unlimited texts for use in the following month along with another 100 texts to use straight away.

Similarly, the Talk Plan gives you an additional 25 free UK minutes to use right away when you top up £10, plus 100 minutes to use the month after.

Topping up £10 a month on the International Plan will get you 60 minutes worth of international minutes to use the following month. These are outgoing calls from the UK to a range of destinations, which can be found here.

In addition to these three freebies, you can also sign up for T-Mobile Boosters as normal. These include text and talk boosters, additional data and extra credit for receiving calls and texts when abroad in Europe.


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