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Tate Trumps: Top Trumps game, fine art style

Have you ever found yourself wandering around an art gallery thinking, ‘What this boring old gallery needs is a bit more excitement’? Yes? Then boy does the Tate Modern have the app for you – Tate Trumps takes all the thrills of Top Trumps and applies it to the real world of art appreciation.

It’s best played in threes, so gather three of your iPhone-owning pals together and head to the South Bank; pick a game mode, then take off around the gallery collecting seven art works that fit the bill. In Battle Mode you’re looking for pieces that would be good in a fight, Mood Mode is all about fitting a mood and Collector Mode sees you seeking out the pieces that would be best for a home collection.

Art works are collected by typing the code for each piece into the onscreen keypad; bit of a shame, we were hoping this would be done by RF-codes or by taking a picture of the art itself.

After 30-minutes or an hour you regroup and play Top Trumps with the art you’ve collected, which the Tate has already scored appropriately. Each piece can only be collected by one player – so in battle mode it’ll no doubt be a race to see who can get to Lichtenstein’s Whaam! first.


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