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The 18-karat Apple Watch could cost £4,000

If you’re after a smartwatch rocking a bit more bling, then the Apple Watch Edition could be the wearable you’re waiting for, reportedly boasting as much as 29.16 grams of gold – worth a cool £555. But you’ll have to fork out a lot more than that if you want one on your wrist…

The Apple Watch launches in a little over 30 days and it’ll almost certainly sell a bucketload, despite not quite living up to early promises and reportedly sporting dreadful battery life. However, there’s one version which will only appeal to those with seriously stacked wallets – the weirdly-named ‘Apple Watch Edition’.

There’s no denying the Apple Watch Edition’s good looks and with its 18-karat gold exterior the device has luxury oozing out of every pore, but just how much will this special edition model cost when the ostentatious wearable launches in a few weeks’ time?

Well, given that it’s packed with over a monkey’s worth of gold, the Apple Watch Edition could come packing a seriously steep price. Current estimates range from a cool £1200, right up to an arse-clenching £4000, which would certainly give it the luxury status Apple craves.

The posh device will feature a flexible Retina Display with 290ppi pixel density, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage and, now that the issues that delayed the watch have reportedly been ironed out, it will offer up to four hours of solid app usage off a single charge. Still not exactly inspiring, but better than the couple of hours previous expected.

The Apple Watch will start at $349 when it goes on sale in April and we expect that to translate more or less directly into pounds here in the UK. But if you’ve got your eye on the top boy you’d better dust off your credit card, because it ain’t gonna be cheap.


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