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The evolution of mobile phones: From brick to stick (thin) in under 3 minutes (VIDEO)

Vodafone has made a very cool presentation using ‘small-scale projection mapping’. This gives the impression of false textures using some very clever projection lighting.

They’ve used this to film the development of mobile phones, moving from the brickish monstrosities of early handsets to the widespread popularity of Nokia.

The video demo continues, covering BlackBerry, the arrival of smartphones, and the advanced features of today’s Android phones. (A little Android character pops right up at the end. Aw.)

The projection mapping adds some clever subtext to the handsets; the second Nokia phone created an explosion of interest over its built-in game; Snake.

The BlackBerry’s short mention illustrates what phones were then capable of; email, music, and, er, bluetooth.

Next, the arrival of 3G phones shows the new connections our phones had to the world, while the final Android handset showed how more powerful phones allowed us to mould that online information and add to the world around us. Or at least show us the way home- through Google Maps.


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