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The iPhone hills are alive with the sound of Huesic

You can tell a lot about a man – and it generally is a man – by how he organises his music. Are his CDs painstakingly alphabetised, or racked by genre? Has he edited the metadata of his entire iTunes collection to boil it down to five categories? Does he choose which songs to play based on… colour?

Huesic Music Player is a new iPhone app that’s based around the latter idea. It lets you tag your music by colour, and then play songs simply by tapping on your personalised colour map.

Sounds silly? It’s based on developer Michael Voong’s university dissertation on how people associate colours with music – here’s the link to prove it. Although for a more frivolous take you have to turn to one of the users quoted in Huesic’s App Store blurb: Black and red music = gangsta, yo. Innit.

It’s an intriguing idea, although we’d love to see it go a step further and recommend you songs you don’t own for each colour too. Voong says he’s planning on updating the app with more features, so it could happen. Huesic costs £1.99 on the App Store, and is available now.


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