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Three lets you ‘Feel At Home’ by removing roaming charges in 7 countries

Three has just announced a new scheme to eliminate roaming charges across seven different countries worldwide with its new ‘Feel At Home’ initiative.

Dealing with international roaming charges has long been an extra worry many travellers would rather not have to contend with when they want to call, text or email snaps back to friends and family here in the UK. Discussions on removing roaming charges within the EU have been taking place over a number of years and although change is happening, it’s a slow process.

Three - Feel At Home

Now, Three’s new ‘Feel At Home’ scheme is leading the way against rival UK carriers, by offering up nearly all the benefits of their customers standard UK plans in one of seven countries at no additional cost. If you’re planning on travelling to the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden or Denmark and you’re a Three UK customer, once you’ve touched down and you phone has picked up any local network, you can use your allowances worry-free.

Naturally there are a few caveats with this new scheme but nothing appears to be particularly restrictive. PAYG, SIM-only, mobile broadband and business users all have the freedom to make use of the new service and can continue to use any allowances their plans contain as usual.

Any plans with add-ons including unlimited data, texts or over 3000 minutes are capped at 25GB, 5000 texts (to the UK) and 3000 minutes (to the UK) respectively, after which significantly reduced roaming rates come into play which equate to: 20p per minute, 7p per text and 10p per MB of data. These reduced rates also apply to any exceeded allowance on any sort of plan, add-on or not.

Three has set the ball rolling by making international mobile communication more affordable and this is only the beginning. The ‘Feel At Home’ scheme is set to grow to include even more countries going forward and rival carriers are no doubt assembling new packages of their own to offer their respective jet-setting mobile customers.


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