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Three MiFi Huawei E585 hands-on: Everything we wanted from the E5830

This isn’t just a data dongle, it’s an M&S data dongle – actually it’s made by Huawei but you get the point. The Huawei E585 takes over from the E5830 (pictured below left), offering users the ability to access Wi-Fi on the go. It works by turning a 3G connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot or as we like to call it, magic.

We’ve been testing out the E585 over the past few days and it’s superb. The reason we’re so excited about this dongle is because it solves all of the problems we had with its predecessor: there’s a simple on and off switch, an OLED display that shows you signal strength, battery life and how much data you’re using, and you can finally charge the MiFi device while you’re using it.

The E585’s battery packs quite a punch, we managed to squeeze around four hours of use (standby was much longer) out of the dongle before it needed to be plugged in. Depending on network strength, speeds will vary but overall we found it fast – we even used it to make a FaceTime call on an iPhone 4 from Silverstone.

It costs £49.99 on pay-as-you-go and free on certain contracts. Visit the Three site for more info.


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