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Three: ‘The One Plan’ to rule them all

We’ve always been of the opinion that 24-month contracts are simply too long. Two tedious years with nary an upgrade in sight; it’s just not for us. Even 18-month deals are longer than we’d like, especially as deals and handsets change so quickly.

Happily, the one-year contract is enjoying a bit of a resurgence at the moment. Three has joined the party by launching a new one-year SIM-only tariff today; a little something it calls The One Plan.

In exchange for 25 notes (that’s £25 to you and me) a month, you can enjoy a one-year contract with 2,000 cross-network minutes, 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5,000 texts and 1GB of data every month. Update: We’ve just discovered that it will also include a 6-month Spotify premium subscription on all compatible phones; that’s £60 worth of Spotify on-the-go goodness. Brilliant news.

That’s an incredible amount of stuff for just £25 a month, particularly when you look at the other networks whose more expensive tariffs are only just about as generous as these. Anything that can save us money and keep us texting, talking and munching data is A-OK by us.

You can get The One Plan on the iPhone, but it’s a little more expensive to account for subsidised handset costs; the lowest-monthly-costing iPhone 4 option gets you the same calls, texts and data as above for £35/month, with the iPhone 4 16GB setting you back £169. It looks like the iPhone will be hitting Three stores at the end of July – check out the other tariffs on offer here.

Kevin Russell, Chief Executive of Three, is pretty pleased with The One Plan. He said, “For individual consumers this plan is about peace of mind. For the industry it’s a game changer. We believe it’s time to act and to bring to the market the benefits of the larger bundles of calls, texts and data we have promised to UK consumers.”


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