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Tinder gives the finger to older users with Tinder Plus

Tinder has announced a premium “Plus” version of its popular dating app, which will come with tiered pricing depending on the age of the user.

Tinder Plus, which launches today, will give users the option to search for potential partners in foreign countries with the new Passport option, go back through previously dismissed profiles with the new Rewind function and users of the paid service will also be able to opt-out of advertising.

Another ‘new’ feature for premium users is the option to “Like” as many profiles as they want because, and this is the kicker, Tinder has decided to limit the number of likes non-paid plebs can dole out (think Candy Crush but with real crushes). There won’t be a regular quota of upvotes on offer though, instead they’ll be implementing an algorithm to determine how many likes a non “Plus” member will be entitled to.

The company has also chosen to tier its pricing structure, allowing users between the ages of 18 and 27 to pay £3.99 a month for the service, while charging older users, who are 28 and over, almost four times as much, at £14.99 a month.

According to the company their decision is backed by “extensive testing” and they claim that their pricing structure is in the same vein as Spotify, who offer students a discounted membership, but analysts have suggested that it seems more like the company is trying to encourage younger users to use the service, while simultaneously penalising older people in order to keep them away.

Previously, there was no charge for using the app and its success has been phenomenal. The service claims to have facilitated over 6 billion matches up until now, but whether there will be 6 billion more remains to be seen following this radical overhaul.

Will people pony up or go off in search of something a little bit more egalitarian? Time will tell.


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