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Top 10 Halloween apps for kids

Halloween is here and we are sure your little kids’ excitement is at feverpitch. To coincide with this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Halloween iPad Apps for the youngsters.

The apps feature vampires, witches, frankensteins, and werewolves. They are spooky, but not terrifying enough to leave them with cold sweats at night. Any one of these apps could be the icing on the cake, or rather the candle in the pumpkin,  this All Hallow’s Eve. 

10. Singing Monster Nutcracker


This game features interactive nutcrackers created in the likenesses of a Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula and  Zombie. There’s a keyboard at the bottom of the screen which allows chilldren to play their own tunes which will get them more familiar with music whilst having some spooky fun at the same time. 

9. Vlad’s Vampire Bats


This is a storybook app that involves an unfortunate vampire who can’t help turning things into bats. It’s got a decent message; that it’s OK to be different — even if you are a bit strange there will always be someone who will take you for who you are. This is a real feel good story that will leave your children with warm hearts warmed after reading. 

8. Foggy’s Big Fright


Another story book app. This is probably better for girls as it involves dressing  a female character named Windy in Halloween costumes and helping her arrange her party.The aim of the game is to teach children to empathise with others.There is also a word association game that should help with early level spelling. It’s available in both English and French versions. 

7. Mystery Machine

This fun game has many Halloween-inspired themes. It’s main objective is to help children understand the simple doctrine of cause and effect. The game has various recipes that result in a different surprise. To repeat the surprises children have to memorize the recipes, which will be good practice for tasks at school that require memory. 

6. Halloween Heroes


This game is aimed at 4-10 year olds. It is set following Halloween festivities that left huge amounts of mess in the game’s town. The player’s job is to clear the rubbish by way of composting and sustainable recycling. As the world is becoming more eco friendly this game teaches children valuable life skills by making recycling easy to understand. 

5. My Beastly ABCs

This game is yet another interactive story. It features a timid young boy who meets various friendly monsters from across the globe. The game’s main player gets to learn about their country of origin, which should give kids a better understanding of countries they were previously unfamiliar with. 

It also features Jim Dale, the familiar voice of the Harry Potter audio books. which should instantly make this app popular with children and adults alike. 

4. Room on the Broom

Any self-respecting parent should know Room on the Broom — based on the book written by Julia Donaldson, author of the top seller ‘The Gruffalo’. If you and your children are fans of her work then this could be the ideal game for you. It places a strong emphasis on inspiring creativity and learning. There are no in app-purchases either just a one off purchase of £5.99.

3. The Witch With No Name


The story involves a witch who unfortunately forgets her name so players have to help her on her quest to find out what it is. This game helps children’s reading and involves various puzzles that will help them develop problem solving skills. There are 2 levels of difficulty depending on your child’s age, so the game should be suitable for most of your young ones. 

2. CountDracu1: Meet My Monster Friends 

This is a story involving Count Dracu Jr who introduces players to his multi-cultural group of friends. There’s Frankie the Jewish Frankenstein, Raggy the Egyptian mummy, Howie the Ukrainian werewolf, Yetinder the Indian yeti, and many more lovable characters. It teaches young kids to appreciate multiculturalism and be accepting of those from countries different to theirs. 

1. Haunted House – 3D Pop-Up Activity Book


Ranking at number 1 is Haunted House, the top selling kids’ app in the US app store. Features superb illustration and an eerie musical score that will be sure to give your children the chills. There are a variety of problem solving challenges that will be great fun. It’s available in French, English, Spanish and German, all of the languages have been voiced by professional actors. 


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