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Update: no Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices will be appearing in Greece next week

It looks as though Nokia is holding some kind of event in Greece next week, if the screengrab to the right is to be believed.

The event, reportedly due to kick off at 8pm in Athens next week (6pm UK time), could well be the first fruits we get to see of the Nokia and Microsoft’s labours (see update below).

Hopefully the results will be a little more inspiring to look at than the mock ups we saw back in February.

While the text is indeed done over in the typical Nokia fonts and colours it could well be a Photoshop jobbie by a vicious rumour monger. We’ve a hunch that there might be something in this – Nokia is going to want to announce something soon what with Google I/O kicking off today and Apple’s WWDC right round the corner.

We’ve contacted Nokia for more information and are awaiting a reply.

So, any guesses on what the first lot of Nokia WP7’s will be called? Nokia Athena? Nokia Zeus? Nokia Sparta?

Update: We’ve just heard back from Nokia who have told us that there will be no unveiling of any new Nokia Windows Phone 7 phones in Athens next week.

The Save The Date teaser that we brought your attention to earlier turned out to be promotional material for a Nokia X7, E6 and Symbian Anna unveiling in Athens.

So, nothing to get too excited about. Still, we reckon that Nokia should totally adopt a Greek Pantheon naming convention for their WP7 phones. Nokia Hermes, Nokia Poseidon, Nokia Dionysus… or maybe not.


Source: DailyMobile via Electric Pig

Thumb image credit: Flickr user Serendigity


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