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Update sent out for Instagram on Android, now supports tablets, wifi handsets and SD card installs

Instagram-mania extended its grasp to the Android masses, just a few days ago and the app company has seen a huge influx of new users. This has of course meant that the odd glitch has cropped up and the company has been sending out regular updates to keep its new users happy.

The latest of which is 1.0.3 and aims to resolve issues with device support and iron out a few creases, as reports Engadget. This includes support for wifi handsets and tablets, as well as allowing the app to be installed and saved on SD cards for those that own a handset with limited storage. One of the bug fixes is for an audio mute bug during capture.

You can download the latest version here or update directly on your Android handset. Let us know how you’ve been getting on with this filter/photo/happy app in the comments below.


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