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Update: Sword & Sworcery soundtrack available to buy now as a real-life LP

As if you couldn’t tell from our lengthy write up last week, we really, really like Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. A lot. So much so that we’ve been starting to have strange dreams about it. 

You can only imagine our delight when we learned that the game’s soundtrack is set for a separate release.

Better yet, not only is it going to be released digitally via iTunes (naturally) and Bandcamp, it’s also going to be sold as a real life actual LP. As in a big old slab of 12-inch vinyl.

The music is the work of Jim Guthrie, who we’ll be honest, we hadn’t heard of until SB: S&S EP. But he’s been cranking out albums since 1995, according to his website. Some of his stuff is on Spotify as well which you can check out here. We’ve been listening to Now, More Than Ever all morning.

Anyway. The album is going to be called ‘Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies’, which sounds like something Billy Corgan would come up with.

The iTunes edition is going to sell for $7.99 (£5) and the Bandcamp version will cost $8.99 (£5.60), links are coming very soon, apparently.

The real-life LP (the one we want) is going to cost $30 (about £19) and comes with cover art by Mr. Cory Schmitz. The LP is apparently a limited run, so if you want one, be sure to put your monies down ASAP. We’ll let you know as soon as all the versions go on sale.

Until then, our dreams will be plagued by dancing bears and double rainbows.

If you haven’t already got hold of the game on your iPad or iPad 2, we command you to download it now.

Update: Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies is now available to order in digital and vinyl format.

The good news is that those who were interested in getting hold of the vinyl LP is that Mr. Jim Guthrie is accepting international orders. Result! Click here to buy the album on Bandcamp or order one of the limited 12-inch vinyl versions. The proper vinyl long player is strictly limited to a run of 800, so if you want one, be quick about it.
If you’re ordering one to be delivered in the UK it’s going to cost you $38.90 for ROW shipping.

The prices are worked out in Canadian Dollars, so that works out at approx £25 in UK money. Hey, it’s less than you’d pay for the vinyl edition of Radiohead’s King of Limbs. And, based on what we’ve heard in the game, is a more enjoyable listen too.

Not that we hate Radiohead or anything, we just think that £33 for eight tracks is a joke. Sort it out Thom & Co.

Alternatively, you can download the Sword & Sworcery album on iTunes. Get the whole lot for £6.99 or £0.79 per track.

Source: via App Advice


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