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Update: T-Mobile launching ‘Truly Unlimited’ internet from 1st of July to 30th of September: £25.54 a month

T-Mobile looks set to be launching an unlimited data plan for its smartphone and mobile broadband contracts next month.

According to ISPreview, T-Mobile will launch a “truly unlimited internet” along the lines of Three’s popular The One Plan, which offers ‘all you can eat’ data.

The deal is reportedly open to any customers who sign up for a 24 month contract or are paying £25 a more a month.

This is something of a back track on the shakedown from 3GB to 500MB of data per month for new T-Mobile contracts earlier in the year. No doubt those who were miffed about losing out on data will be happy to hear this.

Apparently the new deals are due to arrive on the 1st and the 4th of July – presumably on existing contracts and on SIM-only deals where punters pay the requistive £25 a month to get access to unlimited data.

We’ve contacted T-Mobile for clarification and further info on this and Three for its take on things – we’re waiting to hear back.

Update: T-Mobile has just got back to us with some news of its unlimited data plans, which seem to be going by the name of ‘Truly Unlimited’ internet.

First of all, the plan is a one-off upgrade deal; it’ll only be available to customers who sign up between the 1st of July and the 30th of September. This will be available for new customers who sign up to a 24 month plan costing £25.54 a month or more.

Thankfully, existing customers can also get involved. T-Mobile said in a statement that “can be added as a data bundle for just £5.10 per month for those already on equivalent price plans.”

We’re assuming that this means you’ll need to be paying £25.54 or upwards in the first instance to get this – you’d then paying £30.64 a month after getting the £5.10 bolt on.

We’ve asked T-Mobile if you’d be eligible for free data if, after signing up for the £5.10 bolt on, you’d pass the £25.54 – in which case you’d to need to be paying at least £20.44 a month.

T-Mobile also said that existing customers in line for an upgrade will be able to move over to a new 24 month contract should they want to sign up for unlimited data.

Finally, T-Mobile reminded us that BlackBerry customers after truly unlimited internet need to take a £5.10 per month BlackBerry email booster as well.

Update 2: T-Mobile just got back to us to confirm that the unlimited data deal only applies to smartphones and not mobile broadband products as previously thought.


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