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Vodafone’s WorldTraveller deal offers £5-a-day roaming

Vodafone customers can now take their contracted data allowances abroad for just £5 a day, with a brand new WorldTraveller offer.

The WorldTraveller deal means that Vodafone pay monthly customers can spunk up another fiver per day when travelling to a select few international destinations, and then use their standard data, calls and texts allowance without any fear of horrific charges. You can also receive texts and calls for free.

Those hallowed holiday spots are the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa.

Vodafone WorldTraveller tariff allows pay monthly customers to pay £5 a day to roam

To opt in, Vodafone customers must call 5555. You can then use your mobile in the supported countries as standard, and you’ll automatically only be charged the fiver. And on days where you don’t use your phone, you won’t get billed a cent.

Vodafone’s WorldTraveller deal joins its existing EuroTraveller offer, where customers only pay and extra £2 per day of foreign usage. However, the EuroTraveller deal is set to rise to £3 a day from August 31st.

Voda’s deal will come as a relief to customers who are jetting off for summer hols, although of course Three is still the king of international roaming thanks to its ‘Feel At Home‘ service, which allows customers to use data, calls and texts in certain international destinations at no extra cost. And the UK government is still taking a long, hard look at roaming charges in general, with the aim to slash them soon.


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