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We call shenanigans on the Galaxy S6 ‘leaked photo’

A supposedly leaked render of the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge smartphones is doing the rounds this morning, but we’re not too convinced…

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is one of the most hotly anticipated phones that is set for launch at MWC 2015, the massive mobile expo that hits Barcelona on March 1st. And of course, like all hot smartphones, the Galaxy S6 has been subject to endless rumours and some pretty substantial leaks to date – especially after a curved ‘Edge’ model was leaked.

However, we’re not too convinced by the above render, which is doing the rounds of all the tech sites this morning. It appears to have leaked from case company Verus, showing both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Edge in their naked form and also with some of the new cases snapped on.

The snap appears to give away quite a few details about the new Samsung phones. For a start, the camera lens seems to stick a fair way out of the back of the device, moreso than last year’s models such as the Note 4. But the handsets in the render are already on the chunky side, and with the new emphasis on design, we’re not convinced that Samsung would settle for such an ugly protrusion.

Those phones also look distinctly plastic, which we’re almost certain Samsung will steer away from after all of the criticism aimed at the Galaxy S5. We’ve already had signs of slick phone design, thanks to the Galaxy Alpha and the Note 4 – here’s hoping the Korean giant doesn’t let us down in the beauty stakes.

There’s another interesting feature in the renders too, which is all too easy to miss at a quick glance. Last year’s Note Edge sported a curve on the right edge of the screen, which basically meant that left-handed users would either obscure the curved edge with their palm, or have to get used to holding their phone in the other hand.

However, the Galaxy Edge appears to come in two variants in this render, one with the curve on the left edge and the other with the curve on the right (the left-edge handset is lying on the shards of ice or whatever, while the right-edge phone is stood beside it).

Is that a balls-up, or just a wild guess from whoever mocked up the render, or perhaps something actually based on fact? We’ll find out for sure when the phone is launched on Sunday March 1st. And let us know what you think of the render in the comments below – real, or fake?


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