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Why Tesco’s value smartphone has been shelved

Tesco will no longer release a value Hudl smartphone because of stiff competition, instead concentrating on its upcoming Hudl 2 tablet.

It’s a shame that the Tesco Hudl phone is no more, as we still rate the excellent Hudl tablet. For just £120 at launch (now £99) you get a dependable and family-friendly tablet with a sharp HD screen, plus fantastic 24-hour tech support.

There are still surprisingly few recommendable tablets at that price point, but when it comes to value smartphones, the market has suddenly become saturated with impressive affordable tech.

Tesco shelves plans for its value entry-level Hudl smartphone to concentrate on Hudl 2 tablet

The undisputed king of affordable phones is the Motorola Moto G. It’s an all-round excellent device, with plenty of great features such as the colourful, swappable shells and that glorious 720p HD screen. The 4G model adds LTE support and a much-needed memory card slot, and we reckon it’s strong enough to take on any £500 flagship phone.

In fact, you can now grab a host of decent 4G phones on the cheap, with some costing as little as £70. No wonder Tesco decided to ditch the Hudl phone plans and work on a tablet sequel instead.

Tesco’s Hudl 2 tablet should hit UK stores before Christmas, and we’re expecting a bump in specs including an even sharper screen, perhaps coming in more than one size – we’d like to see a 9 or 10-inch model.


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