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Windows Phone 7 gets hidden WiFi connectivity. What? It didn’t have it already?

It’s another item on our wish-list for that Mango Windows Phone 7 update, the ability to connect to hidden WiFi networks, has been solved by phone-maker HTC, who have released a custom app exclusively for HTC phone users.

They’ll then be able to enter the names of up to 3 hidden WiFi networks, and connect to them. Hidden WiFi networks do not appear on devices when you search for nearby networks, and is generally thought of as being more secure, as you need to know both the password and network name.

The lack of hidden WiFi is an eye-rolling blunder from the burgeoning smartphone brand- most businesses ‘cloak’ their wireless network.

We hope the promised Mango update, set for release in Autumn 2011, will solve this issue, and land with plenty more features.

We’re particularly desperate for Windows Phone 7 to play catch-up with features like the ability to ‘tap-through’ from addresses to Bing Maps, and to call phone numbers found on the web and emails with one touch.

Sadly, it’s only for HTC phones- we tried on our Samsung Omnia, but with no success. But if your Windows Phone 7 is HTC-flavoured, then you can download it below.

Source: WMPoweruser

Via: Engadget


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