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Windows Phone 7 to get Samsung Galaxy S2 cousin and waterproof phone

Another piece of good news from Microsoft’s typically dry Worldwide Partner conference. Last night, Microsoft proved the existence of a very familiar phone running Windows Phone 7.

Yes, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S2 , but with some Windowish adjustments. “It’s very thin, and light,” noted Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the manufacturer division at Microsoft.

With a trio of WP7 buttons; home, search and back, thickness-wise it also seems to match the profile of our Galaxy S2, and that bright-screen (Super AMOLED plus, perhaps?) should fulfill the exacting requirements of all Windows Phone 7 devices.

This could prove to be another strong addition to Windows Phone 7’s forthcoming range of phones, especially if the rumoured WP7 Nokia N9 also manages to make an appearance in shops before Christmas.

The Head of Windows Mobile, Andy Lee also announced new handsets from HTC, Acer, LG, ZTE, and Fujitsu before the end of 2011.

Another extra detail was added to Fujitsu’s Windows Phone 7 offering.

Currently brandishing this hot pink finish, it looks set to be the first waterproof Windows Phone 7. Fujitsu have already launched several waterproof phones in Japan. Guggenheimer also made a point of noting the phone’s camera capabilities. More concrete details when we get them.

You can see the whole presentation at Digital WPC.

Via: Pocket Lint



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