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Windows Phone 7 version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in the works? Omnia Galaxy 7?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is easily one of the best Android smartphones out there right now. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that Samsung might be working on a Windows Phone 7-version of the super-slim beast.

The raw specs of the S2 – 8-megapixel camera with a 2-megapixel front facer, 1GHz dual-core chip, 1GB of RAM and at least 16GB of storage – put it head and shoulders above the minimum required specs for WP7.

Combine this with what we’ve seen from Mango thus far and we’d say that that this could be the best Windows Phone 7 phone – if not the best phone – of 2011.

Like many rumours, this one has its roots in information posted on Bluetooth SIG, the body that assigns Bluetooth IDs to every phone out there.

A phone bearing the designation SGH-i937 has shown up over on the Bluetooth SIG, with the same Bluetooth profile that of Mango, which appears to be listed here as Windows Phone 7.5, according to WMPU. The same SGH-i937 device was also gleaned from a Google cache of game developer Occasional Gamers list of tested devices, along with the HTC HD7.

The cached list also suggests that devices such as the ‘Dell Lightning’ – later revealed as the Dell Venue Pro – and the rumoured ‘HTC Schubert’ have also apparently been tested.

We’ve asked Samsung for a statement regarding this but aren’t expecting to hear anything revelatory back. We can’t be alone in thinking that a Galaxy S2 running Mango would be pretty amazing. Then again, the Nokia Sea Ray, at a glance, looks very much to be a WP7’ed N9.

Should both these phones see the light of day, it’d make for an interesting comparison; both phones would have large Super AMOLED screens around the 4-inch mark (S2: 4.3-inches, N9: 3.9-inches) 8-megapixel cameras, 16GB of storage as standard… When we got some hands on time with a Nokia N9 recently, the no-air display of the MeeGo phone provided a better viewing angle than the S2’s larger screen. This year’s battle for the Christmas Tree spot could be interesting.

Update: The main image in this article is a shot of our Samsung Galaxy S2 with Launcher 7 installed – a custom launcher that makes your Android phone look like it’s running WP7. We are not suggesting that this is the purported Winodws Phone 7 version of the Galaxy S2 and should have made that clear initially.

Via: Phone Arena


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