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Wire Goggles for Android: Faux night vision

Ever wanted an augmented reality app on your Android phone that makes it look like you’re viewing everything through a night vision filter? You have? Thanks to the Wire Goggles app your Jason Bourne/Solid Snake dreams have come true.

As you might have guessed Wire Goggles renders everything seen on the phone’s camera in a wireframe effect. It’s not true wireframes, it’s more akin to the Glowing Edges effect on Photoshop but we still like it.

You can choose from a selection of colour options including the aforementioned black and green night vision combination to a white and black palette that might make you feel like you’re in the video for A-Ha’s Take On Me.

There’s currently 16 different colour and gradient options available. It’d be nice if you could mix and match between various colours to create your own custom set or edit the existing schemes somehow.

There’s a free version which gives you all 16 colour options and the option to view in low or medium quality. The full paid version costs $0.99 (£0.70) and gives you a high quality setting plus the ability to take snapshots which are then saved to your phone’s memory card.


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