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Wizards and Wagons tips and tricks (iOS/Android)

Get started in Wizards and Wagons with our tips and tricks guide, for protecting your wagon, getting the best price for trading goods and earning loads of cash.

Best weapons in Wizards and Wagons

When you start the game, you’ll quickly pick up a basic bow and arrow. This is perfectly fine for keeping pesky monsters at bay when travelling between towns, for the first hour or two at least. Just tap like a mentalist on any creature as soon as it pops up and you’ll launch loads of arrows at them. Three or four hits is usually enough to see them off.

Instead of immediately upgrading your weapons, try buying a wagon with better defences. This will repel damage more effectively, meaning less chance of death on the road and smaller repair bills.

When you have a comfortable amount of cash, try to buy a weapon that repels enemies as well as damaging them. This will keep the hordes away from your wagon, so they damage it less.

Manage your money in Wizards and Wagons

Early in the game, every penny really does count. Try to keep wagon damage to an absolute minimum and don’t spunk your limited cash reserves on all of the upgrades. You’ll need to invest in goods to trade and build up more cash first.

If you run out of cash and find yourself stuck, you’ll need to go to a town guild and borrow some cash. This carries an interest penalty of course, but it’s the only way to afford more goods and get more cash.

Trading tips

There’s a fair bit of grinding as you work out which merchandise nets you the biggest profits, but the Wizards and Wagons map will show you which goods are in demand at each town, which saves you from too much trial and error trading.

Goods are worth more the further you transport them from their origin, so be sure to explore the map when you’ve built up a small reserve of cash. Also, festivals will affect the price of goods significantly. Keep track of them using the Wizards and Wagons calendar.

Guild assignments

You can quickly and easily get a cash injection by accepting quests at each town guild, with a small reward offered for completing simple tasks like transporting a specific item from one place to another. However, before you accept an assignment, you should first make sure you can complete it within the scheduled time period, or else you’ll likely be fined.

First off, make sure that the source and destination towns are both visible on your map. If you waste valuable time searching around for them, you’ll likely fail and also have to spunk up cash for costly wagon repairs from all the damage you take on the road.

Also make sure that you know where to buy any requested resources, and that they fit into your wagon.

Bonus assignments

You can also accept extra quests from people in towns – make sure that you tap everyone with a speech bubble over their heads. Often you’ll get a reward simply for escorting them to another town, which isn’t to be sniffed at.

Got any top tips of your own for getting started in Wizards and Wagons? Let us know in the comments below.


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