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Wonky “next iPhone 3D” photo could win worst photoshop award

A dirty wind blows through the the iPhone rumour mill, courtesy of this wonky iPhone 3D photoshop jobbie. A brief tweak to lighting and colour levels, shown above, is more than enough to reveal that the unconvincing dual-lens setup is a fake- look at that glow.

As Phone Arena notes: ”..the “5” that has been added to the name of the device. Not only that the digit is in a different font than the one that Apple uses, but it simply makes the whole “iPhone 5” title look off-centre. Besides that, the cameras do not appear to be parallel to the top edge of the smartphone.”

Good points well made. Another one includes the severely limited distance between the lens, making 3D effects very difficult to receive aside from items within a few centimeters of the phone.

If you want some more more viable rumour fooder, why not check out our thoughts on whether you should wait for an iPhone 5. They include the more realistic notions of a larger screen, a zippier processor, and- if not two new cameras- a technically superior single one.


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