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Xperia Active jogs into preorder and jumps into water (VIDEO)

After a brief hands-on with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active last week at one of Sony’s exclusive Christmas showcase, the phone has now leapt into pre-order view, with a price.

The tough-wearing, waterproof Xperia Active is priced at £229.99 on, with a release date of 9th September 2011.

Despite the meidocre 3-inch screen, running at 320×480, the phone manages high-definition video-recording on a five-megapixel camera. Like many of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia range this year, there’s also a 1GHz chip to make sure everything pootles along smoothly. It also packs in Sony’s Bravia Mobile display, and there’s an oversized loop at the base of the phone for lanyards and wrist-straps; you’ll find one of the latter in the box.

According to the Xperia Actrive’s spec sheet, it can hold its breath for 30 seconds underwater; with a new feature for spec sheet fans everywhere; wet-finger tracking. This means you’ll still be able to manipulate the screen underwater. Spotify in the sea? We guess that would be… interesting.

See its underwater recording skills in the video below.


Via: Xperia Blog


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