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Zeo Sleep Manager app for iOS in action

Woken up after eight hours sleep and you still feel tired? Then you wake up after five hours sleep and you feel full of energy and life? For a long time sleep has been a mystery to many people who have tried to work out what makes a good sleep, how long it should be and how it actually helps the human body.

Zeo Inc thinks its come up with a big step forward in measuring how good your sleep really is. The Zeo Sleep Manager measures eye movement, muscle movement and your brainwaves to give you detailed information on how well you have slept.

You simply connect your sleep manager device to your iOS device (iPhone and iPod Touch) via Bluetooth and you are ready to go. In the morning, the App gives you all the details you need regarding the quality of sleep you had with information on how REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and deep sleep you had.

Now for many the thought of wearing a headband all night and having a device on your forehead seems rather daunting but the people at Zeo have tried to combat this. The pack also comes with a double-sided sticky pad that attaches the device to your forehead without the need for a headband.

The pack includes the Zeo headband, sleep management device, charger for the device and eye mask and costs £89. The app itself is free to download from the iTunes App Store – hit up the link below. When we spoke to Zeo we were told that an Android version is in the works; we’ll let you know when this is released.

Check out our case study below to see how we got on.


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