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Nintendo Switch OLED Review

Nintendo has revamped its flagship console with a brand new screen, alongside a few other changes, but is it worth switching your Switch to the new model? The verdict’s in.

What we love – Much better screen, increased storage capacity, sturdier stand

The biggest upgrade to this device is right there in the product name: Nintendo Switch OLED. So you’ll be pleased to know that the screen does live up to its billing. The contrast and colour accuracy delivered by this display is miles ahead of the original Nintendo Switch‘s LCD screen, making for a far more immersive experience when you’re on the go. What’s more, the surrounding bezels have been cut down to size so that the display is physically larger here too, going from 6.2 inches to 7 inches, and that extra extension makes all the difference when you’re playing on the go, especially by comparison to the diddy 5.5-inch display on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Other upgrades include a redesigned stand, which is far sturdier and allows for greater ease of tabletop play. To that end, the speakers have been greatly enhanced too for a more robust soundscape. There’s also now an Ethernet port included inside the dock, which makes for a tidier set-up.

What we don’t like – No performance upgrade and no changes to docked mode

While the display does make a big difference, there are still some areas where this redesign falls short. Firstly, there’s no performance upgrade whatsoever; this device still runs on the same Nvidia Tegra chipset as the original Switch, although this still appears to sufficient to run games smoothly on the platform.

However, while the 720p resolution in portable mode is acceptable, when you use the hybrid console in docked mode then you may well be disappointed with the 1080p maximum resolution, which looks frustratingly fuzzy when you’re playing on a large screen – especially if you’ve just got used to the PS5 or Xbox Series X.


The OLED screen makes a big upgrade to an already excellent console when you’re playing in portable mode, and several other touches including a revised stand and better speakers also have improved the experience. However, if you play primarily in TV mode then the Switch OLED is not worth purchasing over the original Switch.

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