OnePlus Watch Review

OnePlus is a very trusted brand for smartphones, having produced excellent devices over the years, but can it do just as well with smartwatches?

What we love – Awesome battery life and a stunning screen

The large 1.39-inch AMOLED screen is bright, easy to read, and shows off the customisable watch faces really well. It might be a bit too big for people with smaller wrists, but otherwise it offers all you would want from a smartwatch screen.

Battery life is similarly excellent, delivering 10 or more days of usage from a single charge, and gaining 80% from just an hour of being plugged in – which is perfect if you realise you’ve left the battery too low just before you head out for a run.

Sleep tracking also works very well, with clear and simple results, and there was never any lag when navigating around the watch’s software.

What we don’t like — Overpriced, with an insipid design and basic functionality

Unfortunately, after those few positive points, the OnePlus Watch heads swiftly downhill. The design itself is very lacklustre and unremarkable but it’s the onboard software that’s even more disappointing. With no third-party app store available (as it runs on proprietary software rather than Wear OS or similar), you’re only stuck with the most basic features. That’s forgivable on a cheap watch, but we’d hope for better when it costs £149.99.

As for fitness features, it’s a washout once again. Only 14 workouts can be tracked, and the heart rate data that emerges from those workouts can be wildly off the mark, making the OnePlus Watch a poor companion at the gym.


The OnePlus Watch is a disappointing package given the price and the company behind it. Even though the battery life is good, as is the screen, it only delivers basic functionality overall and you’d be better off considering something like the Honor Watch ES.

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