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Smarter Coffee machine for lazy caffeine heads hits Firebox on pre-order

Smarter Coffee, the cafetiere you can control with a phone, is now available to order from Firebox. 

The connected coffee machine lets you put in an order for a fresh cup from the safety of your couch or bedroom when you need one. 

You can specify how finely or coarsely you want Smarter Coffee to grind your beans (stop laughing) and adjust the strength of each cup from weak, medium or strong. The carafe can hold up to 1.5 litres of water which British makers Smarter says can make up to 12 cups of coffee. 

It can even be configured to make a brew first thing in the morning via the app. It’s also compatible with IFTTT  (If This Then That) meaning you can have Smarter Coffee do its thing when you tell it you’re leaving work or have your Evohome turn the heating down a bit once you’ve made eight cups – with all that caffeine racing around your veins you’ll be bouncing off the walls so much you won’t need the central heating on. 

If being able to remotely control a WiFi-enabled 21st century Teasmade from your phone – iOS and Android apps are available – sounds like your idea of Internet of Things heaven, then point your browser over to Firebox’s site now, where you can pick up a Smarter Coffee for £149.99 – a little higher than the price we were originally told around the time of CES 2015. 

Firebox also has May 28 down as the expected delivery date, again contrary to that ‘March 2015’ ETA we were told back in January. 

While Firebox has bagged the world pre-order exclusive you should also be able to order Smarter Coffees from John Lewis, Apple, Currys PC World, Firebox and Maplin stores later this year. 


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