Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Android smartwatches haven’t taken off quite like the Apple Watch Series 6 and its predecessors. However, Samsung has established itself as the go-to for the best combo of fitness and smart features on an Android watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 continues this trend.

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What we love – Gorgeous design, clever smart tech and a fitness champ

Unlike Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, Samsung goes down a bit more of a traditional watch route – which it positively nails. You can customise to high heaven but, whatever you pick, it’ll be clamped onto an elegant central unit that looks both modern and classy.

While app support isn’t as prolific on Samsung’s Tizen OS as it is on Apple’s wearables, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers almost all the popular apps you’d expect – from Spotify to Uber and SmartThings. There’s NFC payments via Samsung Pay too.

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There are plenty of health and fitness features for you to take advantage of on the Galaxy Watch 3. There’s all the basic tracking you’d expect for running, cycling, swimming and more, alongside coaching features.  The coaching offers advice based on past workouts while also provided suggestions for future ones.

All your performance data from these activities is presented in an easy-to-read format. The data includes everything from heart rate zones and estimated blood oxygen levels to calories burned and distance travelled. As with the new Apple Watch, blood oxygen is a handy wellness feature – potentially spotting medical problems early and keeping you up to date on your respiratory health.

What we don’t like – Battery life isn’t the best

The key downside of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is, unfortunately, something that can affect your whole experience – and that’s battery life.

The battery life is just average – lasting 2-2.5 days if used as just a smartwatch. However, use this device for its GPS, fitness features or, simply, with more intensity then it can drop around 15% of its charge in just half an hour.

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Apple deals with the challenges of modern smartwatch battery life with an adaptive refresh rate display – something that is sorely missed on the Galaxy Watch 3.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the company’s best smartwatch yet and offers the best modern smartwatch experience outside of Apple. The fitness and wellness features are complete and it comes with a stunning aesthetic. A battery life boost would’ve made this the watch to beat – instead, it’s a strong runner up.

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