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iPhone 12 Pro Review

The iPhone 12 Pro is a souped-up version of the iPhone 12. For the £999 starting price you get 128GB storage and a number of upgrades over the 12. Is it worth the extra cost? Let’s have a look.

What we love – Gorgeous design, great cameras and all-day battery life

With its boxy design, flat stainless steel sides that glisten (and pick up lots of fingerprints) along with four classy colours, the iPhone 12 Pro is arguably the best looking phone around. It harks back to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 but modernises the looks to keep it fresh.

On the front, you’ve got a 6.1-inch display that’s a beauty thanks to eye-searing levels of brightness and sharp resolution. There are three 12-megapixel cameras on the back, plus a dedicated sensor for improving low-light pictures that actually works as advertised. Battery life is on par with the previous model at a day and the new MagSafe Charger (sold separately, as is the regular charger) magnetically attaches to the back to improve wireless charging speeds.

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The big buzzword banded around a lot with the iPhone 12 Pro launch is 5G. And yes, the iPhone 12 Pro has 5G and it works – that is if you’re in a 5G area and have the right contract. Still, a lot of the 5G coverage revolves around crowded venues and we’re just not able to go to these at the minute. 5G isn’t yet a reason to buy a phone, but it’s nice to have.

What we don’t like – No charger included, it’s not a huge upgrade over the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is a very good all-round device, ticking just about every box we could ask for. If you currently have an iPhone 11 Pro in your pocket and you’re happy, then there isn’t that much here to entice you. The screen is only 0.3-inch larger and still lacks the silky-smooth high refresh rate of some high-end Android devices. The notch remains and the while low-light performance in the camera is better, it’s not a huge leap. Battery life is on par and you get all the iOS 14 benefits with your 11 Pro.

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You also don’t get a charger in the box. Or a pair of headphones. For a £999 device, this stings a little bit, especially as the phone will charge very slowly if you’re using an older iPhone charger you might have around from an iPhone X or iPhone XS (or older).


If you haven’t upgraded your phone in a while and want the most feature-rich 6.1-inch iPhone, then the iPhone 12 Pro is the way to go. It’s fast, takes great snaps and looks the business. If you want to save a bit of cash, then the cheaper iPhone 12 has a lot of the best features here for a. lower price.

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