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iPhone 12 Review

There are few things more predictable than the yearly iPhone launch, however the iPhone 12 brings with it more upgrades than usual. It likely won’t interest those who picked up an 11 Pro last year, but if you’re still clinging on to an older device then there’s a lot to tempt you here.

As has become standard, there is a duo of models in the iPhone 12 line – each of which comes in two sizes. There’s the iPhone 12 Mini (£699), iPhone 12 (£799) and then the iPhone 12 Pro (£999) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (£1099).

Of the bunch, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the most similar as they’re the exact same size while the other two are aimed at those who love smaller and larger phones respectively.

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What we love – Fantastic new design, reliable cameras and a huge display upgrade

After what seems like a prolonged amount of time with an unchanged design, the iPhone 12 heralds in a new era for Apple’s flagship product – and boy is it a looker. The iPhone 12 is an iPhone 5 that’s been updated for 2020, with flat sides and a boxy look that make it downright gorgeous to hold and use. It comes in a bunch of nice colours too, including a subtle green and vivid red.

On the front, the 12 has received a huge screen boost over the outgoing 11. It’s now OLED, like the Pro, and is far sharper. The iconic notch returns and you don’t get the silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate of some of the Android competition but still, it’s a fantastic panel.

The camera is great too even though it doesn’t pack a considerable amount of updates over the previous model. It’s a little better in lower-light, with slightly better performance in Night Mode and with showing off colours. Overall performance is solid and there’s 5G if you happen to be in an area that supports it.

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What we don’t like – Zoom skills are poor, no charger included

While the camera is mostly excellent, it does lack the zoom skills of some of its rivals. For instance, the telephoto 2x lens of the Pro is nowhere to be found here and the digital zoom is, well, rubbish.

You’ll also need to purchase a charger separately (unless you own one already, though this will likely lead to slow charging if it’s not a recent model) as the box is lacking in this particular area. You do get a cable though – cheers Apple. Same goes for headphones.


The iPhone 12 is great, and a worthy upgrade if you’re hanging on to an older model or you simply must have the latest iPhone. It has a great screen, all-day battery and a design that puts pretty much everything else to shame.

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