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How well do you know your road signs?

How attentive are you on the road? Do you keep an eye on road signs? Did you read the highway code from cover to cover without falling into a deep, coma like sleep? Then here is where all that road sense and knowledge pays off.

All you have to do is look at the road signs in our quiz and click on which answer you think is correct. It’s pretty simple. If you’re about to take the Driving Theory test it’s great practice. If it’s been several years since you took your theory test then you might just find that your knowledge isn’t as good as you think it is.

Pass our little test and you are obviously a driving legend to rank alongside the likes of Hamilton, Button and Mansell (sort of). Fail and…. well we recommend you brush up before you kill somebody or yourself.

Take our test and don’t forget to challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Then you can laugh at their shocking lack of road knowledge or cower before their motoring mastery.


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