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Tesla has opened the doors to its new Gigafactory, and it looks electrifying

Tesla has allowed interested citizens to take a tour around its enormous new factory near Berlin, and it looks incredible from the inside.

As experiences go, visiting a factory doesn’t sound like one of the more exciting options to take. If anything, it the idea reminds me of that sort of underwhelming school trip where the highlight of the day was when you finally got to eat your packed lunch.

However, there are factories and there are factories, and Tesla’s enormous new Gigafactory in Germany is certainly in the latter camp; a giant gleaming construction plant for tens of thousands of electric cars and batteries, there’s nothing boring about it.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory, one of the company’s five such plants in the world but the very first in Europe, opened its doors to citizens and tourists on October 9 so that they could have a look round the gleaming machinery, as shown in the official video embedded above.

Built in order to assemble Tesla Model Y cars for the European market, along with producing batteries and powertrains, between 5,000 and 10,000 new vehicles will roll off the production line here every single week once it is fully operational by the end of 2022, according to Digital Trends.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Tesla unless the company’s eccentric CEO Elon Musk made an unexpected announcement to mark the news, and he was there right on cue to tweet (in the local lingo) that there would be a rave at the plant later that day.

Musk retweeted fan footage from the event, which you can see above, and it’s fair to say that not many car manufacturers can boast of having such a glitzy party to mark their opening.


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