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All 4 for Android with live streaming beta launches

Channel 4 is working on bringing live streaming to the Android version of All 4. 

The broadcaster has just kicked off a beta trial of the current app, which will see viewers who have registered with the Core4 panel contacted to test out new versions of the app on a number of devices. 

At the moment, All 4 for Android lets you access Channel 4 programmes on a catch-up basis and download content to phones and tablets for offline viewing. 

All 4 will eventually feature a ‘Watch Live’ tab which, like the ‘Now’ feature of the iOS version of All 4, will let viewers stream episodes of Four In a Bed, Location, Location, Location and How I Met Your Mother as they’re being broadcast live on TV. 

While this won’t form the initial part of the test phase trialists will get to grips with a new-look version of All 4 and provide feedback which will shape the course of the app’s development. 

Channel 4’s director of strategy and technology Keith Underwood said: “Since launch in March, All 4 has performed extremely well. 

“As we prepare to roll-out on Android, we wanted to invite our community of registered users to get involved in shaping the application. This reflects a broader strategy of developing a strong and engaging two-way relationship with our registered users across the many facets of our business.”

It’s not clear if Chromecast support is something Channel 4 is working on. The broadcaster has partnered with London-based app maker Novodo, which has worked on the MUBI Android app, which is fully Chromecast-compatible, so it’s possible some of that expertise will be brought to bear on the new All 4. 

As Channel 4’s main beef with Chromecast is rights-based rather than technical, it’s likely that this situation will remain as is for the short term. 

If you want to be in with a chance of trying out the new All4 for Android or simply be first in line for news and updates, you can sign up for Core4 membership here

Update: This piece was updated to clarify that while Channel 4 is working on adding live streaming to All 4 for Android, it won’t form part of the initial trial. A reference to Channel 4 having live streaming up and running on All 4 for Android was also removed. 


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