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Amazon’s one click Dash dongle turns shopping into Pavlovian nightmare

Amazon has announced Dash, a one-click ordering system that lets you quickly order kitchen supplies by pressing a button on a dongle. 

While it appears to mirror action/reward experiments performed on rats, the world’s biggest shop is adamant it’s not an April Fools’ Day prank

Amazon says the idea is you’ll install a WiFi-enabled Dash dongle in a cupboard and when you’ve run out of kitchen towels  a simple press of the button will add a new item to your Amazon shopping cart. 

Each contact lens case-sized dongle can be customised with different brand stickers, as demonstrated by the video below. 

Through Amazon’s mobile apps you can change what product Amazon dumps in your shopping cart whenever you click the button. 

If there’s one or two particular items that you power through at a frightening rate, then Dash seems like a good idea – albeit a little wasteful to have a single delivery of kitchen roll turn couriered to your house. 

Just imagine, in the very near future, jam shortages will be availed with the simple press of a button. Moments later, an Amazon drone swoops down, clutching a box laden with Wilkin & Sons preserves. What a time to be alive. 

Right now, you can only sign up for Dash by invitation only and you’ll need to have a Prime subscription. It’s also US only for now, which is perhaps just as well because Amazon currently only sells beer, wine and spirits here in the UK. We’re looking forwards to having a Laphroaig Dash button permanently fused to our wrists. On that note, anyone reading this who does PR for Beam Suntory, feel free to reach out to us. 


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