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Amazon announces Prime Instant Video, the new name for Lovefilm Instant

Amazon has announced that from February 26, Amazon Prime, the one-day delivery service, will give customers access to Lovefilm Instant’s on-demand library. 

Existing Prime customers who are already enjoy one-day deliveries will be able to get free TV and movies on demand as will new customers. 

On the same day, Lovefilm Instant will be renamed Prime Instant Video. It will still cost £5.99/month for Lovefilm Instant customers who don’t have or don’t want Amazon Prime. The only thing that’s really changing is the name. 

Amazon announces Prime Instant Video, the new name for Lovefilm Instant
Viking-dom Come: Prime Instant Video is to be bundled free with Amazon Prime subscriptions

New and current Prime customers will be able to watch exclusive films such as Vikings, Alpha House (launching in the UK on February 26) and Betas as well as the ten recently announced pilots. Other exclusive titles available from launch include The Hangover Part II, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Walking Dead. On top of this, Prime Instant Video customers will have access to 500,000 Kindle books. 

The launch of the combined service in the UK follows an enthusiastic reception of Prime Instant Video on the other side of the pond.  

Greg Greeley, Vice President of Amazon Prime said: “Millions of customers in the US have streaming video included as part of their Prime membership and they tell us they love the combination of unlimited delivery, the ability to borrow Kindle books, and convenient access to thousands of the most popular movies, TV shows and exclusive videos. 

“We are delighted to be bringing that same combination of services to the UK, providing members truly unique benefits they can enjoy every day of the year.” 

Amazon announces Prime Instant Video, the new name for Lovefilm Instant
The new logo for Prime Instant Video – the artist formerly known as Lovefilm Instant

There’s a slight catch though. Amazon Prime customers, who normally pay £49/year, will need to fork out £79/year for Prime plus Prime Instant Video. 

While that seems like a significant mark up, when you consider that 12 months worth of Prime Instant Video/Lovefilm Instant at £5.99/month works out at £71.88, it’s actually a very good deal. 

Normally if you were to subscribe to both Amazon Prime and Prime Instant Video/Lovefilm Instant you’d pay a total of £120.88 (£71.88 + £49), so this new £79 price represents a saving of over £40. 

Another way of looking at it is to break down the total cost over 12 months. £79 works out at £6.58/month – or 59p more than Lovefilm Instant. 

Early adopters who sign up for Amazon Prime from today until February 26 will be able to get the full service for the old price of £49/year, saving even more money. Read our guide to the new Amazon Prime prices for a more detailed breakdown. 



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