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Best Amazon Prime Reading books, comics and mags: Prime members read for free

We pick the best Amazon Prime Reading books, comics and mags that Prime members can download and read for free right now.

Amazon Prime might have started out as a simple delivery service but it’s grown to become so much more, all while staying at the same price. Now Prime Reading has been added to the stack, offering books, magazines and comics for Prime members to read for free.

We’ve already spent some serious time with Amazon Prime Reading’s extensive catalogue. Here’s all you need to know, including how to download Prime Reading books onto your Kindle or using the mobile app, plus the very best books, graphic novels and mags that you can check out now.

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What is Amazon Prime Reading and how do I get free books?

First off, you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber. This costs £79 a year (at the time of writing) but includes loads of great services, from the new Prime Reading to Prime Video, Amazon Music and of course that free one-day delivery.

You have two ways of enjoying Prime Reading on the go. First off, you can access the catalogue directly through your Amazon Kindle eReader. Just tap the Store icon on the main home screen and then select the Prime Reading tab. This opens up the full selection of books and other materials that you have free access to through your Prime subscription.

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Alternatively, you can access Prime Reading via the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet. Just head to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, or the Google Play store on your Android device. Search for Kindle and download and install. We’d recommend the app for comics and magazines, especially on tablets – as you’ll get a more comfortable reading experience on a bigger screen.

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Best Amazon Prime Reading books

If you’re after a free book to read, you get plenty of genres to choose from on Prime Reading. Romance, comedy, horror, thrillers, crime – they’re all included. Here’s the best Amazon Prime Reading novels that you can download and read right now.

The Amber Keeper

This engrossing tale of a girl and her family coping with the death of a relative takes place in two very different eras: the English countryside in the ‘60s and the heart of Revolutionary Russia in 1911.

Abbie Myers returns home to the Peak District after learning of her mother’s death, only to find herself shut out by all but her grandmother. At first frustrated and angry, Abbie finds herself understanding more about her family’s past as the old woman reveals the secrets of that Russian upbringing and the conflict it caused.

A fascinating and well-written novel that’s now free to read for Amazon Prime subscribers.

The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away is a fast-paced thriller from author Simon Wood and while the plot isn’t anything original, this Prime Reading book is still a page turner.

Two girls are abducted on their Las Vegas road trip by a killer known as the Tally Man. One of the pair gets away, only to be dragged back into the Tally Man’s grasp when she helps the police to track him down. Tense and gripping are the two words that spring to mind and anyone who appreciates a taut and violent crime novel should be thoroughly entertained.

The Sisterhood

Billing itself as both a love story and a historical thriller, The Sisterhood tries to appease to a range of audiences and for the most part succeeds.

After a devastating disaster destroys her home and takes her family, a young girl finds herself adopted and starting afresh in the USA. Dramatic events lead her to a Spanish convent, where she discovers more about her family’s past.

The story jumps about in time and you’ll need to concentrate to keep up, while some of the romantic segments may be too much for some. However, The Sisterhood is well worth trying out for fans of historical literature, especially as it’s free to download on Amazon Prime Reading.

The Heart of Haiku

What better way to start with Prime Reading’s offerings than to read about the art of writing itself. The Heart of Haiku essay offers insight into the seventh-century Japanese poetry form, the haiku. Learn about how this art came to be, what it can be used for and read some of the best examples through time.

In a social media age where writing everything in short form is the done thing, this is a great way to enhance you concise writing skills in one quick and easy read.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

The very first book in the world-rocking Harry Potter series is now available for free. If you’ve not read any of the wizard’s exploits, this could be your chance to start your addiction to this eight-part series.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the slimmest of J.K. Rowling’s tomes, and while it’s geared towards younger readers, that hasn’t stopped it from gaining a large following of older fans.

Hard Road

If you enjoy reading the adventures of Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jack Reacher and any other “J” named action heroes, you’ll love Jon Reznick, star of Hard Road.

This thriller series starts with this book, which has your military trained US hero on a mission to avenge his wife who died on 9/11. Jon’s mission to killl a man goes south and the pair team up to figure out just what the heck is going on. Adrenaline-fuelled and good fodder after a long day of work.


This is a sci-fi fan must-read, and one of Kurt Vonnegut’s finest – and trippiest – works.

Slaughterhouse-Five will bend your brain and ultimately open your mind to the possibilities a writer can create. Just make sure you’re ready for time travelling twists and turns throughout, as the hapless hero Billy Pilgrim finds himself thrust backwards and forwards through his own existence with no control whatsoever. How much is real, how much is fantasy? Well, all of it is gripping and often hilarious, and that’s all that matters.

The Bad Mother’s Diary

If you have a child, or indeed a sense of humour, you’ll likely enjoy this book. It’s certainly light reading, but many of the themes will ring true to anyone with a nipper.

Even if you’re not a rom-com fan, this is a book that could get you into the genre. Expect to laugh out loud as you read, so make sure you’re not sat in a quiet carriage on the train. And yes for any dads out there, you’ll find plenty in here to appreciate.

The Etymologicon

This one is a real eye opener, which is probably why it’s a New York Times Number One Bestseller. Sure, a book about how different words are connected to each other in the English language doesn’t sound particularly enthralling. Be warned however, The Etymologicon is very witty and extremely addictive. You’ll struggle to put this down.

Best Amazon Prime Reading comics

If you’d rather get stuck into some graphic novels, no worries. Amazon Prime Reading has you covered. Here’s our pick of the best comics you can download and read through Prime Reading.

Check out our complete guide to reading comics on your Kindle for getting the best possible experience.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers

With the Guardians of the Galaxy now on its second smash-hit movie, why not check the series out in the form it came from: comic book.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 1 is now on Prime Reading for free. You can read this on your Kindle but it’s also available through comiXology, so if you have that app on another device it’ll be available there too. Take a trip into Marvel’s deeper universe and find out just how fun a robot racoon, talking tree and hybrid god-man can be.

Deadpool, Vol. 1: Secret Invasion comic

The merc with a mouth has arrived on Prime to bring you maximum effort and maximum LOLs in equal amounts.

The Deadpool, Vol. 1: Secret Invasion comic takes you through the invading alien saga of Marvel, but from the uniquely hilarious perspective of Deadpool. Expect plenty of pop culture references and abuse of his fellow heroes in this excellent comic by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon, as well as the obligatory breaking of the fourth wall, over and over.

Attack on Titan Vol. 1

Attack on Titan sees a walled city under siege by hordes of enormous, hideous creatures who want nothing more than to chew on a leg or two. This manga is incredibly bleak and horrifying, yet also enthralling – mostly thanks to the well-drawn characters and their sympathetic plight to stay alive and keep their loved ones safe.

Best Amazon Prime Reading magazines

If you want a light read for the commute or something to kill a quick five minutes, check out Prime Reading’s solid selection of magazines. There’s something for everyone here, including our favourite mags below.

Good Housekeeping UK

This mag covers everything consumer, from funky tech and fashion to delicious new recipes to try at home. You can expect lots of handy money-saving tips for everyday life, as well as interviews with some of the hottest UK celebs around.

Men’s Health

IF you’re looking for inspiration and guidance to help you get healthier, Men’s Health has got plenty of experience in that area and is now free to Prime members.

From workout guidance to diet tips, this is like a bible of bodybuilding but without too much muscle focus alone. Get the shape you want with guidance and, of course, a whole bunch of effort on your part.


Yup this is the actual Empire magazine, largely looked at as one of the best mainstream movie magazines – and it’s free for Prime members.

The current issue is all about the upcoming Spider-Man movie and as always with Empire there’s lots of interviews and on set access. Plus you’ll get a broader overview of everything up and coming for the year ahead with handy ratings so you know what to watch for and what to skip.

National Geographic

When Amazon said Prime members would get free magazines you probably thought they’re be the tat you find three months old in the Poundland bargain bin. They’re not.

You can get the awesome National Geographic, totally free. The May issue looks at Genius, specifically Einstein and the new TV series that the National Geographic channel is airing now. Well worth a look.

Playstation Official Magazine

As you’d expect, the latest reviews, previews and news about hot PS games. If you own Sony’s console, you might as well read up on what you should be playing, right?

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