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Calling all giga-Brits: Angie puts out feelers out for UK fibre broadband fans

Next-gen ISP Angie has launched pre-registration page for its proposed 10Gbps broadband service. 

The Dutch start-up recently unveiled an audacious plan to bring 10Gbps FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband to 3 million premises locations across the UK. 

It’s not yet been confirmed where in the UK Angie will deploy its gigabit fibre tendrils when it launches in 2016, but it has admitted that it plans to put finish the fixed-line rollout by 2021. 

The company claims that its new service will ‘leapfrog the incumbent providers’ fragmented and outdated services’, suggesting that they have no plans to use BT’s infrastructure, but details have so far been pretty thin on the ground.

Related: BT 10Gbps fibre broadband in Cornwall breaks world speed recordAside from 10Gbps fibre broadband, Angie plans to offer 4.5G mobile broadband, which it has earmarked for 95 per cent of the population and what it calls a ‘5G’ wireless service which is expected to be available to 90 per cent of folks across our green and pleasant land. Both of these wireless broadband ambitions are due to be realised by 2018. 

While we’re keen to see new companies entering the UK market to shake things up, quite how Angie’s going to hit these targets is another thing. 

EE has the UK’s biggest 4G footprint and has been steadily increasing both coverage and headline speeds over the last three years. If Angie will be able to equal EE’s achievements in a shorter timeframe without entering into an MVNO-type or mast-sharing agreement, that’ll be a miracle. 
Angie says that it’s investing €300 million (£212) in future services and is in the process of selling equity equivalent to that amount, which it expects to have finished doing by September. It’s unknown how much of this cash Angie plans to sink into the UK alone – it’s also active in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the US. 

You can head over Angie’s site here to register your interest in getting 10Gbps broadband for your home or business. 


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