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Avanti developing satellite broadband suitcase portable router

Avanti developing satellite broadband suitcase portable routerSatellite broadband provider Avanti has been awarded £1.1 million from the UK Technology Strategy Board to develop a portable ‘suitcase’ broadband terminal.

Sounding like a mobile broadband dongle on steroids, the suitcase will, according to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills, be a ‘ruggedised and light-weight portable Ka-band satcom terminal. This “suitcase” terminal will provide portable and mobile access to the latest generation of high bandwidth satellite broadband services.’

The idea is that the suitcase will provide fast broadband access, 3G mobile connectivity and sat nav services for journalists military and emergency services on the move, in areas where conventional or mobile broadband services aren’t available.

Avanti satellite broadband suitcase: 3G mobile broadband and sat-nav

Avanti developing satellite broadband suitcase portable routerThis broadband dongle-cum-black box recorder will need to keep things ticking over, so we’re guessing the battery will be pretty hefty.

Satellite broadband on the Ka-band (the 26.5 to 40GHz band) offers downstream speeds of 10Mbps and can be ordered in the UK from companies such as Speedy Sky and Tooway Direct. Satellite broadband is ideal for locations where you can’t get a phone line or there’s no cable access.

David Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Avanti, commented “We are delighted at the award of this grant, which recognises Avanti’s technical expertise and the increasing importance of Ka-band in specialised applications.”

Avanti’s HYLAS-1 satellite covers Europe and the HYLAS-2 satellite, covering parts of Africa and the Middle East, is due to launch this summer. A third satellite, HYLAS-3, is due to launch in 2015 and will consolidate African and Middle Eastern coverage.


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