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BBC announces 3D Olympics: two ceremonies, one race and daily highlights

London Olympics 2012 stadium (c LOCOG)3D TV owners will get a daily dose of Olympic highlights on BBC HD, plus the men’s 100m final and opening and closing ceremonies broadcast live.

BBC Olympics boss Roger Mosey said he expects to show an hour of highlights every night in 3D.

The three live events will follow the pattern of the BBC’s 3D trials at Wimbledon 2011, with 2D coverage on BBC One and BBC One HD, alongside 3D coverage on BBC HD.

The daily highlights show is expected to follow the end of the day’s live coverage and highlights at 11pm.

Mosey, the BBC’s director of London 2012, said: “We’ve always been clear we were never going to have a 3D channel for the Olympics and the BBC’s overall approach to 3D has been very much on the lines of an experiment around special events like Wimbledon and Strictly Come Dancing.

“We do believe it’s right for the BBC to go ahead with a 3D experiment this summer.

“First, it’s part of the story of innovation around the London Games – and with the host broadcasters’ feed available in 3D we wanted to share some of that with UK audiences.

“Second, the industry will only know what customers want if we have actual data on their use of 3D and there’s no bigger stage on which to try this out than the Olympics.

“The aim is to showcase 3D for the biggest moments but to preserve choice in a world of conflicting demands.”

The BBC won’t produce the live Olympics feed itself – it’s provided to broadcasters worldwide by the International Olympic Committee’s own TV production arm.

Mosey added that the BBC doesn’t yet know how much of the opening and closing ceremonies will be shot in 3D.


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