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BBC iPlayer iOS app updates, adds Airplay support for Apple TV

BBC iPlayer iOS app updates, adds Airplay support for Apple TVThe BBC iPlayer app for iPhone and iPad has recently updated, adding long-awaited support for Airplay.

This means that you can start streaming a programme on your phone, sling it to your TV screen via Apple TV. Whether you’re streaming an episode of EastEnders, Doctor Who or Strictly Come Dancing, it’ll continue to play on your TV whether you’re texting away on your phone or thumbing your way through some Temple Run 2.

Other improvements available in this latest update include improved video playback, more reliable downloads along with a handful of minor bug fixes and under the hood improvements.

Programme downloads became a feature of the iOS version of BBC iPlayer last September.

It’s been noted that if you manually change the clock settings of your iPhone or iPad, if you’re travelling abroad for example, then programmes you’ve downloaded will occasionally be deleted. The BBC’s help page hasn’t updated on its site so we can assume that this problem remains the same until we test if for ourselves.

However, the BBC’s help page also states that if you don’t manually adjust the clock and let the local network/carrier settings do it for you, then your programme downloads should remain safe. You can also adjust the time zone settings yourself if you like and this shouldn’t see any of your programmes getting deleted.

If you’ve got BBC iPlayer on your iPhone or iPad already, check your device for updates. If not, head over to the iTunes App Store now by way of this link.


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