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Best Chromecast Deals: £5 off with Vodafone 4G, free with Tesco and Blinkbox

Google’s Chromecast is amazing and we can’t get enough of it. Even though it’s only £30, we wouldn’t pass up the opportunity of getting it for less – or free.

We’ve rounded up the best Chromecast deals currently on offer. In case one . We’ll update this piece when deals expire and as and when new offers are available.

Best Chromecast Deals

Vodafone: £5 off with a Red 4G plan and six months Netflix  

Vodafone is currently offering customers who sign up to its Red 4G mobile plans a £5 discount on Chromecasts. 

The Red 4G plans start at £26/month and come with the option of getting six months of Netflix, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV

The Netflix offer should be of particular interest, as it’s a Chromecast-compatible service. You’ll be able to get six months of free Netflix which you can either watch on your phone or effortlessly stream to your TV. 

Netflix normally costs £5.99/month, so this deal sees you saving a total of £40.94 – almost £12 more than the standard asking price of a Chromecast. 

There’s currently no end date for Vodafone’s Chromecast promotion, but the offer of free Netflix is set to expire in December 2014. 

  • Chromecast saving: £5
  • Netflix saving: £35.94
  • Total saving: £40.94

Best Chromecast Deals

Tesco Big Broadband and Entertainment bundle: £5 Blinkbox credit, free Chromecast

Tesco is currently offering a free Chromecast to customers who sign up to its Broadband service for 12 months. 

As if passing on a saving of £30 to its customers wasn’t enough, Tesco is also bunging in £5 of Blinkbox credit for good measure. 

Blinkbox is Tesco’s streaming service that charges you on a pay per view basis. You can buy movies or episodes of TV shows, with prices starting at £4.99 for movies and £1.49 for episodes of TV shows. Movies in HD start at £4.99 and individual episodes start at £2.49. 

You can also buy an entire series from Blinkbox, including Mad Men, Game of Thrones, True Detective and Sons of Anarchy

In other words, you can get a free movie in HD for free, a few episodes of Family Guy or a bit of money off your favourite TV show. 

Like Netflix, Blinkbox is now a Chromecast-compatible service meaning once you’ve decided what to spend your £5 of credit on, you can cast it on your TV. 

Tesco’s Big Broadband and Entertainment bundle costs £19.40/month – £4/month for broadband and £15.40/month for line rental – for 12 months. There’s no charge for connection, but there is a one-off delivery charge for £6 for the free wireless router. 

  • Chromecast saving: £30
  • Blinkbox saving: £5
  • Total saving: £35

Best Chromecast Deals free Chromecast with HBO shows in HD, the streaming service owned by parents Rakuten, is currently giving away free Chromecasts to people who buy a season of Game of Thrones, The Sopranos and The Blacklist in HD. 

At the moment, is pricing seasons of thesse shows at £23.99, £24.99 and £28.99 respectively – cheaper than the regular price of Chromecast.  

Depending on which show you go for, this works out as a saving of either £6.01, £5.01 or £1.01. 

Once you’ve bought your HBO show from you’ll be sent your free Chromecast through the mail with the regular £5 postage fee waived. is Chromecast ready, meaning once it’s been delivered to your door you can plug it in and start watching. 

  • Chromecast saving: £30
  • saving: N/A
  • Total saving: £30

Best Chromecast Deals

Google Play: 90 days of unlimited music free from Google Play Music

Google is currently offering Chromecast owners three months of free streaming on Google Play Music. 

All Access passes on Google Play Music normally cost £9.99/month and give you access to a library of millions of songs which can be streamed ad-free. 

The Spotify rival lets you add tracks to your library, download for offline playback and tap into radio stations based on whatever you’re listening to at the moment. 

The deal sees you saving £29.97 over three months – almost the same price as a new Chromecast – and can be accessed by heading here

It’s best accessed on a desktop version of Chrome, as you can then use the Chromecast Extension to connect to your Chromecast, entering your payment details, and start streaming. Following the same link on a mobile browser won’t see the page load in the same way, but once you’re signed up it will work fine on all devices. 

If you want to take advantage of some free music streaming, you’ll need to redeem this offer by September 30, 2014, after which it expires.

You’ll get 90 days of free streaming from the date you redeem the offer. As long as you get everything set up before the end of September you’ll get your three months of Google Play Music streaming gratis, and you can cancel at any time after that to avoid paying (but it’s a one-time offer).

  • Chromecast saving: N/A
  • Google Play Music All Access saving: £29.97
  • Total saving: £29.97


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