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Best HDR TVs that you can buy in 2016

We round up the best HDR-ready TVs that you can buy in 2016, from LG, Samsung, Sony, HiSense and Panasonic.

Just as 4K UHD televisions become the must-have tech, screen manufacturers have added a new feature called High Dynamic Range, or HDR (check out our in-depth HDR explainer if you need more info on why it’s awesome). Thankfully, most new 4K TVs now come with HDR built in too, so you don’t have an agonising choice between the two telly technologies.

So choosing between 4K and HDR isn’t an issue, but finding the right HDR-ready television could be. While the range still isn’t mind-melting-massive, there’s a selection of HDR TVs in our high street stores, with their own strengths and weaknesses (not to mention rather high asking prices).

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Here’s our pick of the best HDR TVs that you can buy in 2016, including the latest sets from Sony, Samsung and LG.

LG G6 Signature

One of the last supporters of OLED is LG and despite standing alone it’s standing tall as these are truly stunning televisions. They just mean paying a bit more for the privilege, although that price is dropping faster all the time.

The G6 TVs are just 2.57mm thin yet cram in 4K, HDR and 3D. This TV runs on the intuitive and simple webOS software and sits on a stand which doubles as a 60W Harmon Kardon design 4.2 channel sounds system.

The LG OLED range of TVs are Ultra HD certified and support Dolby Vision plus the G6 top-of-the-line range starts at £6,000 for the 65-inch model. There is also the E6 model which is pretty much identical in terms of performance and that starts at 55-inch for £3,500.

Samsung SUHD UE65JS9500

Lack of catchy naming aside, this screen shows just how far LED TVs have come in recent years – finally giving OLED a run for its money, but without the high pricetag.

This television packs in 4K and HDR but also uses Samsung’s Nano Crystal, or Quantum Dot, tech to deliver a super bright picture with punchy colours and excellent contrast. It also features Samsung’s latest and best Tizen based operating system with plenty of apps on offer.

The 65-inch model starts at £3,200.

Sony Bravia ZD9 Series

One of the newest 4K HDR TV sets out there is the Sony Bravia ZD9 line which packs in all the latest smarts.

Aside from HDR and 4K support this also offers a faster processor and individual LED dimming for what should be a fantastic contrast ratio, colour separation and overall sharpness of image. Plus it runs the Android TV operating system so there’s great app and Google Cast support.

The 65-inch KD65ZD9 is £4,000 while the 75-inch KD75ZD9 is £7,000 and the 100-inch KD100ZD9 is a bank-breaking £60,000. All will be available later this year.

Hisense M700

Despite being a relatively new name in the TV world Hisense is already impressing. It manages to offer high-spec televisions for low prices.

The Hisense M700 offers full 4K definition as well as HDR support. This all works on a TV platform that it calls ULED which is claimed to offer local dimming backlighting, enhanced colour and motion control. Plus it’s a smart TV meaning lots of app support.

The 55-inch Hisense M700 is priced at £799.

Panasonic DX750

Aside from a minimal bezel design the DX750 series also offers Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR picture quality engine for studio master processing. That should mean the original 4K Studio Master quality is retained on the screen so you see the image as the director wanted.

While picture quality is a big sell here, this TV also offers Freeview Play built in meaning plenty of content is available to watch immediately, without needing to shell out for another service.

The Panasonic 50-inch DX750 is available now for £1,100.


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