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What are the best Kodi Add-ons for 2017?

Which are the best Kodi Add-ons right now for movies, music, live TV and all kinds of entertainment streaming? We take a look at some of the most popular free and paid-for Kodi Add-ons of 2017, including the legalities of using them and how to download and install.

What is Kodi and is it legal?

The Kodi revolution is well underway, as a fresh new option for watching TV over the internet. Thanks to its Add-ons, which is just another words for apps, this software platform can be tapped into by developers across the globe, giving us lots of digital channels and streaming services for staying entertained. Best of all, most of it is free to use.

Sounds too good to be true, right? So is Kodi actually legal? Yes, is the short answer. The Kodi software is legal, the Kodi streaming boxes which come with the software installed are legal and using Add-on channels is legal.

Be warned, however. Kodi use becomes illegal when you start to stream subscription-based channels and content for free. This is why people often use a VPN when watching via Kodi, to mask their identity. In fact, the law is cracking down on any Add-ons with illegal implications, so we’re only focusing on apps that are still available at the time of writing.

Check out our complete Kodi guide for all you need to know about this streaming software, including the latest Kodi boxes and the full legalities. Fully legal alternatives to the Kodi include the Roku, Nvidia Shield TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Where do I get Kodi Add-ons?

You might not know how to download and install the following Kodi Add-ons. Thankfully the process is pretty straightforward.

Your best port of call for downloading new Add-ons is Indigo, which is discussed in the next section. This is a hub for other Add-ons, with a quick and easy one-click system for downloading and installing.

Check out the Kodi Wiki’s how to install Add-ons page for full instructions on how to download and install these apps.

Best Kodi Add-ons 2017

So which are the best Kodi Add-ons you can download in 2017? Which are legal and which should you avoid, as they are distinctly illegal? And alongside the free apps, what Add-ons are worth paying for? Find out all you need to know below to get the best out of Kodi.



WHAT IS INDIGO? This is a free to use platform that allows you to easily search through Kodi Add-ons. Think of it as an App Store for Add-ons. Not only will this help you find new and popular Add-ons easily but it features a 1-click install system that makes adding them to Kodi super simple too.

IS IT LEGAL? Yes, in itself. But you can use it to download Add-ons that may not be legal. Just remember if you’re getting something for free where everywhere else is charging for it, you’re probably doing it illegally.



WHAT IS EXODUS? If you want to watch video on your Kodi setup then you can’t go far wrong with Exodus. This used to be known as Genesis, but that moniker was abandoned for this upgraded version. The result is a place to watch TV shows and movies with links that are stable and reliable.

IS IT LEGAL? Exodus is a platform for accessing content so it will have things that are legal, freely shared, and videos that are from subscription streaming platforms. It’s up to you to differentiate between the two and decide if you want to risk watching anyway.

Halow Live TV


WHAT IS HALOW LIVE TV? As the name suggests, Halow Live TV lets you watch channels from all over the world, live. That means live sports and shows as they are being aired on TV through conventional means, except all streamed via your internet-connected Kodi setup.

IS IT LEGAL? Some channels are free to view, some should be paid for. You’re probably getting the difference now between legal and illegal, and how it’s down to you to differentiate.

Sports Devil


WHAT IS SPORTS DEVIL? This is your one-stop shop for all of the best sporting events around the world. That means you can watch UK football streams but also boxing, UFC, NFL, basketball, hockey, baseball and more. The streams are also often pretty good quality, with 720p visuals or, at worst, still a respectable 480p. Be warned, this Kodi Add-on can suffer from dead links, so patience is key here.

IS IT LEGAL? Almost certainly not, depending on what you’re streaming and where you’re based. In most cases, games will be aired on subscription-based channels. Everything that isn’t – some football cup matches, for example – will likely be available on BBC or ITV anyway. Be warned, the Premier League is cracking down on Kodi streams, so watching games is done at your own risk.



WHAT IS CARTOONS8? Kodi isn’t just for adults, it’s kid-friendly too. Thanks to Cartoons8, the wee ones can enjoy plenty of child friendly viewing too. There are plenty of cartoons available on this Kodi add-on, so a handy search option is included for quickly sifting through the selection to get exactly what your little one wants.

IS IT LEGAL? This can be legal, by and large, since most of the content is already free to view.

UK Turks Playlists


WHAT IS UK TURKS PLAYLIST? Despite the odd name, this is one of the best video streaming sources on Kodi right now. From documentaries to comedy to fitness shows to cartoons to food – there’s all sorts to pick from. These publicly popular Add-ons have a way of getting shut down, and the reason is quite clear.

IS IT LEGAL? Mostly not legal. UK Turks was even shut down briefly but has recently reappeared and is once again going strong.



WHAT IS SALTS? Salts stands for Stream All The Sources and, as that suggests, it does exactly that. If there is an online link to a stream, be it movie, sports game, TV show or music channel, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to access it on Kodi via Salts.

IS IT LEGAL? The app itself is legal but the streams you watch on it vary depending on what they’re showing. As we said before, if it’s subscription content and you’re getting it for free, you can start looking over your shoulder.



WHAT IS PHOENIX? This is an Add-on that has managed to keep running for some time now. That means it’s well refined, easy to use and looks good. Phoenix lets you stream live TV, movies and even pre-recorded TV shows too. With a Phoenix Sports section you can pick specific areas of TV you want, to make narrowing down your search far easier.

IS IT LEGAL? Mostly not legal in the case of subscription-based shows and movies.


PRICE: £10 per month

WHAT IS SPOTIMC? This is a great way to access Spotify music online via your Kodi setup. This can mean turning your TV and any speaker attached to it into a great music system. Quality search functionality, playlists and browse options for finding new music are all present. You can even download music to listen to without an internet connection.

IS IT LEGAL? This app does use the Spotify Core but is not endorsed by the company so you’re treading a thin line with this one, especially when you consider you need to pay for it.



WHAT IS VELOCITY? This is another Add-on that offers various sources for TV and movies. That means lots of stable streams and plenty of decent speed viewing. Wins all round then.

IS IT LEGAL? Most of the content should normally be paid for, so all that stuff will be illegal viewing.



WHAT IS PLEX? This is an already established app that allows you to stream local video, music and photo content to a TV on your home network. So if you download a show to your laptop and want to watch it on TV, this is the easiest way to do it. Having this on Kodi is just a nice way to centralise all your viewing of content from one place.


BBC iPlayer

PRICE: Free + TV licence fee

WHAT IS BBC IPLAYER? You know what BBC iPlayer is, the online way to watch BBC content. Now it’s on Kodi so you can enjoy it from there too. You will need to have paid your UK TV licence fee to view this content legally.

IS IT LEGAL? Yes, this is a legal app and if you’re a licence fee payer you’re good to go guilt-free.



WHAT IS YOUTUBE? This is the old favourite online video platform you know and love, but built to work on Kodi. A pro-level user experience within the Kodi world, wonderful.

IS IT LEGAL? Yup, all legal and free to use.



WHAT IS FILMON? This is the online streaming site that lets you watch live TV free. It’s all legal and now works as a Kodi app too. From TV shows to movies, there’s plenty to enjoy without worry of the police knocking down your door.

IS IT LEGAL? Yup, all legal and free to use.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review


WHAT IS KERMODE AND MAYO’S FILM REVIEW? We’re massive fans of Mark and Simon’s special brand of Wittertainment, so this Kodi Add-on is absolutely essential. You get direct access to the complete podcast archive, for replaying some of Kermode’s very best rants, while you can also check out his video blog uploads too.

IS IT LEGAL? Yes, all of this content is freely available online.

Please note that Recombu is not affiliated with or endorsing Kodi or its apps. This article is purely for the purpose of information.


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