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Best Samsung TVs 2017

We round up the best Samsung TVs coming in 2017, including the best 4K, QLED and Quantum Dot televisions to suit a range of budgets.

Samsung creates some of the most cutting edge televisions on the market, while still keeping them relatively affordable. Most of the time, anyway. And Samsung has already unveiled a new line of TVs to hit the UK in 2017, which add to its already impressive technological developments.

The Korean giant is still staying away from OLED, but has now updated its SUHD tech to the latest line of screens it calls QLED.

Also released this year will be the Samsung line of Quantum Dot, UHD Crystal Colour, LCD UHD, Full HD and Serif TVs. You can expect Samsung Hub on each for internet connected TV via a wide selection of apps and even gaming via built-in PlayStation Now in some instances.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best new Samsung TVs for 2017.

Best Samsung TVs 2017: QLED

When it comes to OLED competitors there is not much that comes closer than Samsung’s new QLED – and we’re not just talking about the spelling. In fact, QLED even looks better for some specs.

Samsung QLED TVs offer a minimalist design with slim metallic bezel and ‘no-gap wall mount’ plus a single cable to splitter box system for a near wire-free setup.

The QLED screen itself is the brightest yet with up to 2,000 nits of brightness. It is also Samsung’s most colourful, thanks to achieving 100 percent of the DCI colour space. That is a hefty one billion colours, which are able to stay true colours even when more light is added, as opposed to watering down the colour turning red to pink, for example.

The QLED screens are, of course, 4K and HDR-enabled, but still use similar Samsung Quantum dot tech to that found in 2016’s screens – just with a new build system that makes them far more efficient for a noticeably better picture.

Pricing and release dates have not been announced yet.

Best Samsung TVs 2017: Quantum Dot

Samsung is continuing to sell its Quantum Dot TVs despite QLED pushing that tech to a new level. They are still very impressive so why take away the more affordable yet still high quality option, right?

The Samsung Quantum Dot TVs offer 4K and HDR screens with a peak brightness of an impressive 1,000 nits. These also offer the full one billion colours that Quantum Dot can replicate and they should be more accurate than conventional TVs, too.

Under the the hood is Samsung’s Smart Hub which features easy access tabs for apps and multitasking for simple jumping between apps. There is also PlayStation Now available, which allows you to play up to PlayStation 3 console quality games using a wirelessly connected controller.

The top end curved KS9000 comes in sizes of 49-, 55-, 65- and 75-inches with prices starting at £1,299 and rising to £4,499. These are available now.

Best Samsung TVs 2017: UHD Crystal Colour

Samsung’s Active Crystal Colour is its system that uses a UHD 4K display with HDR support. Samsung says this is better than most as that crystal factor means 17 million colours and 20 percent wider colour space than conventional UHD TVs.

Smarts like an auto depth enhancer, UHD upscaling and UHD dimming should all make most content look high quality, even if it wasn’t UHD originally.

You also get Samsung’s Smart Hub for apps and gaming and easy sharing using wireless devices so you can, for example, fling snaps from your phone to the screen.

This range of TVs is available from 43 to 65 inches. The Samsung KU65000 starts at £549 and goes up in size and price to the £1,499 top-end offering.

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Best Samsung TVs 2017: UHD 4K with PurColor

Despite being a little older than the rest now, Samsung’s UHD 4K range with PurColor is still packing a lot of ability for a new low price tag.

The TVs have minimal bezels for a modern look and pack in 4K UHD panels with HDR colours and lighting. That PurColor, as Samsung calls it, is its way of crunching colour data over 192 points of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow for the most life-like results. You also get UHD upscaling and UHD dimming to keep images sharp with minimal colour or light bleed.

All that of course also comes with the Samsung Smart Hub for easy access to apps. It even comes with PlayStation Now, allowing you to play console quality games on the TV using a wireless controller.

The Samsung KU6000 starts at a 40-inch model for £499 and goes up to 55-inch at £699.


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