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Best streaming stick: Vote for your favourite media streamer

While it’s hard to move in the TV world now without bumping into a smart TV, there’s still plenty of interest in streaming devices – with a range of ease-of-use apps and more intricate features. From Google and Amazon to Apple and Roku, it’s time to vote for your choice of best streaming stick.

Amazon, Apple, Google and Roku have all been in the streaming device game for several years now – offering a variety of solutions for users. However, in recent years, all have continued to innovate – from certain companies finally adding a user interface (Google) to the underdogs of the pack adding their services to a soundbar (Roku). 

While we expect these streaming stick-producing companies to continue to shake things up, we are about the here and now. We’ve brought together a range of the best streaming devices you can buy right now and we want you to vote on what you think is the best. Make sure to check back to see how your favourite is doing.

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